Bruce Y-DNA Project


Are you interested in further enhancing your Bruce genealogy research?
Have you hit a brickwall? Would you like to add an additional tool in proving family kinship of your paternal line of Bruces? Look no further than the BRUCE Y-DNA project. Participation is open only to male BRUCES willing to further prove your kinship among other Bruces. For more information and to sign-up go to Questions feel free to contact me.

Read these tutorials before you order a test for an explanation and to gain a better understanding of how it works.

After you get your test results back refer to these sites.

So whether or not you are of these lines, below, on paper, your participation in this project will be compared to all other submissions. The more people participate the better the results will be and you going beyond that "brickwall" and finding your key. **A few lines of new discoveries have happened that are different than the paper trial!. It only cost $79 for a 37 marker test to see which possible line you are from or a new line. The higher the marker tests (111 markers plus) the better refined results for generation gaps. See comparison chart.

There are a total of 247 Bruces completed globally. The more we get the better the results and who knows you might find a connection, several people already have. What do you have to lose besides not knowing! Join now and see what happens from a scientific approach.

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